Uh Huh Honey Lip Scrub

Uh Huh Honey Lip Scrub


What's cookin good lookin?? Treat your lips to the sweetness of honey to give them a bee-utiful soft glow! This blend of coconut sugar, mixed in with some honey gives your lips the feeling of the sweetest island coconut kisses.

Directions: Take a pea-size amount of scrub on moisturized lips. massage, let sit for a minute or two and wipe off- or lick (yes, it's edible too!) 

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  • .25 oz. 

  • Ingredients & Benefits: Coconut Sugar helps to exfoliate the surface of your lips removing dry, dull, dead skin cells and revealing a smooth bee-utiful surface. Coconut oil helps hydrate the new skin and keep it glowing and moisturized. Honey adds a sense of sweetness all while healing any chapped or cracked lips!

  • What it does: Removes dead, dry skin from lips, helps heal chapped or crapped skin on the surface.

  • Solutions for: Dry, cracked skin

  • PRO TIP: Perfect to use before applying your favorite chap stick or tinted lip balm!