Say hello to soft, smooth, kissable lips! Smooches gives your lips the plump look even Kylie would be jealous of! Plus, who says you have to go to a surgeon to plump it out!


Directions: Take a pea-size amount of scrub on moisturized lips. Massage, let sit for a minute or two and wipe off- or lick (yes, it's edible too!) Apply your favorite lip moisturizer and Voia'la, get to smoochin!

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  • .25 oz.

  • Ingredients & Benefits: Brown Sugar to help exfoliate dry and dead skin on the surface. Cinnamon helps to give your lips a little tingle, causing them to look plump & pouty. Peppermint oil stimulates circulation under your lips giving them a more enhanced look (oh yeah!) Coconut oil of course hydrates so your lips are nice and juicy and then of course some agave! Agave has healing properties. With this, is helps calm soothe and get rid of any chapped feeling leaving those bad boys baby soft.

  • What it does: Exfoliates and gets rid of dead skin, revealing soft, plump, enhanced look and feel. 

  • Solutions for: Chapped, dry lips.

  • PRO TIP: Use before applying for your favorite chap stick for an overall more natural enhanced look and feel!