Date Night Lip Scrub

Date Night Lip Scrub


Got a hot date? Then this lip scrub was made for you! Take your lips out for a night on the town, they deserve it, and so do you! Date Night gives your lips a silky smooth feeling with a finish that will leave you giving only the sweetest kisses. With the flavor of vanilla mixed with the romance of rose, it will only leave your lips (and your date) begging for more. 

Directions: Take a pea-size amount of scrub, massage on lips. wipe or lick off the excess (yes it's edible!) and Voia' la!

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  • .25 oz. 

  • Ingredients & Benefits: Sugar helps exfoliate the surface, getting rid of dry, dead, dull skin and allowing the oils to penetrate for a better affect. Coconut oil as always to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.  Rosewater helps keep your lips smooth, hydrated and can even add a natural pink tone making them EXTRA desirable ;) Vitamin E oil helps soothe and prevent damaged, chapped skin, lips and assists in giving a youthful look by reducing signs of aging! Lastly, the Vanilla is for pure sweetness!

  • What it does: Exfoliates dead, dull chapped lips, revealing a sweet, smooth and more youthful look.

  • Solutions for: Dry, chapped, damaged lips.

  • PRO TIP: Use before applying your favorite lip stick to avoid the look of cracked lips.