Let’s be real, when researching what to do on your next trip, you’re probably looking up the best places to grab a bite to eat and the coolest places to stay, but you’re also stalking your favorite influencers instagrams to see where the cutest spot to get a good insta is. The thing is, trying to find insta-worthy locations in the city you’re visiting can take forever, scrolling through dozens of images and trying to figure out where that one specific cute swing chair or pink wall is in all of the city. So to make things a little easier for all you San Diego babes who live here or are visiting, I’ve gone ahead and compiled something that every travel guide should include, a list of the most insta-worthy spots in the city!


Communal Coffee, North Park– One of my favorite spots to get cute coffee/flower snaps, Communal Coffee has a lovely interior, their iconic “Coffee & Flowers” mural outside, and a flower shop inside to boot! Their South Park location is also super cute and the coffee is actually served from an adorable retro trailer that makes for a great photo op!

Better Buzz, Pacific Beach & Hillcrest-With so many cute locations you could really take endless photos at the Better Buzz’s of San Diego. My favorites to get a photo however are the larger Garnet St location and their newest (enormous) location in Hillcrest! With a super on trend black and white theme and lots of cool tile, plant walls and hanging Edison bulbs, Better Buzz is a haven for good instas and you have to visit at least one location while you’re in San Diego!

Holy Matcha, North Park & East Village– Decked out in all shades of pink and palm print, Holy Matcha in North Park is basically made for instagram snaps, you can really get a good shot in every inch of the place! And their brand new East Village location is like walking into a pink dream, with all pink walls, seating and tables and hanging flower installations, you’re sure to get a dreamy shot here. Not to mention that their drinks and bites are just as beautiful as their space!

Pigment, North Park, Liberty Station & Carmel Valley- If you’re looking for a wonderland of cute home decor, jewelry, accessories, plants, kitchen goodies and gifts this is the place to go. You know how when you find a cute boutique you really only love some of the things they carry and don’t care for the rest? Well Pigment is like a whole store filled with only the really good, cute stuff. Everything in this store is so cute and makes for adorable photo ops with their boho couches, swing chairs, plant walls and adorable window displays, you’re definitely going to get a few cute snaps here!

Cafe Gratitude, Little Italy– If you’re looking for a cute boho spot to snap some pics, this is the place for you! With a beautiful interior filled with boho basket lamps, marble counters and fun floor tile, you’re bound to get a cute photo here whether it be of you or your meal!

Copa Vida, East Village & Sorrento Valley– They have a few locations in San Diego (my favorite for photos are the J st and the Sorrento Valley locations) and they all have a sleek, majorly aesthetically pleasing design. I’ve shot many outfit pics here!

Pendry Hotel, Gaslamp– The Pendry hotel is a modern yet warm and inviting hotel with endless shoot spots! Whether you’re staying here or just popping into one of their restaurants for lunch, you’ll find so many different areas to get a good insta snap.

Parakeet Cafe, La Jolla, Little Italy & Carmel Valley– With three locations that are equally adorable and coffee and treats that are super yummy, you have to head to the Parakeet Cafe for a cup of coffee and a fun snap against their tropical walls or neons signs.


Little Italy– I’ve found that some of my best photos have been shot in Little Italy because there are just so many cool spots, buildings, and restaurants to shoot there. Some of my favorite outdoor spots to shoot in Little Italy are in front of La Pensione Hotel, in front of or in Born & Raised Restaurant, Cloak & Petal, & Ironside.

Balboa Park– Balboa park is filled with so much beautiful, architecture, gardens, ponds, water fountains, and so much more that you’re bound to get some beautiful shots here! I would definitely recommend planning what type of photos you want to get here ahead of time and plan which part of the park to shoot at accordingly (Its a massive park so you don’t want to accidentally park on the wrong end).

La Valenica Hotel, La Jolla- Located in beautiful La Jolla and filled with so many hidden stairways and look out points, you can definitely get some lovely photos here!
La Jolla– La Jolla in general has some great shoot spots but my favorites are the La Jolla Cove or Windansea Beach and the La Plaza La Jolla center (where blush tan is located). I also love exploring the neighborhoods here and finding beautiful hidden spots to take photos (head up Mt Soledad at Hidden Valley Rd to find the two secret bridges, they make for great photo ops



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