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Okay you guys, this is a post that I have been wanting to share with you guys for a while, but haven’t figured out the right way to do it and guess what?? I still haven’t. So I am just going to start typing everything as it comes to me and we will see how it goes.

This is going to be a little story about me and my life, who I am and I guess sort of what got me where I am now. As I mentioned in our first blog post ever, I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA. When I was…I think 13? My family moved us to Redding, California. Once we moved there, I feel like that’s sort of where things started to go wrong in a sense. I was a new kid who didn’t know a soul, in a new town at a new school and coming from OC, I kind of got bullied a lot. Kids made fun of me for dressing different, called me spoiled and a brat just because I was from Orange County. Which was funny because I have never been any of those. But whatever. I got over it.

Going into High School I straight up SUCKED at school. I was more focused on my social life, of course..(if you know me, you can see how that is true.) Anyways, I got horrible grades, except in drama, I nailed that. I just felt like everything they were trying to teach me was not anything I was interested in AT ALL. Therefore it was hard for me to focus on anything, which resulted in bad grades. I actually did SO bad, that I got told I might not graduate. JOKES ON THEM! At one point, my parents thought I was going to end up flipping burgers at McDonalds. (jokes also on them) Oh, and I did graduate by the way. I got my sh*t together and started to get really good grades. But it wasn’t because I wanted to go to college or anything. I just didn’t want to be the loser that didn’t graduate!!!

SO after I graduated, I got a job, stayed in Redding for a couple of years and moved back to OC and THIS is where my life began. Wait back up. I have to tell you how I got to OC (this is a good one.) Ready??

I HAD WORK! The day that I left, I had work!! I called my boss and said “sorry, I can’t make it in today…or ever.” I packed everything I could into my car at the time whichI think was a Toyota Camry, called my aunt and told her I was on my way! My aunt is VERY much about “tough loving” which most of my family is by the way. I never even had a cell phone until after high school because my parents said if I wanted one, I had to get it on my own and pay for it myself (eyeroll). Anyways, back to my aunt. So she said I could stay with her as long as I get a job and help pay bills, but I only had 2 weeks to get a job and if I didn’t I was out of there. This is where the story gets goooooood.

One day I was driving home from an interview and got in a huge car accident. I totaled my car! This was my first week back in OC and days before my 21st birthday. Oh and my aunt was out of town on a trip across America. I had no way to get to any other interviews, other than having friends take me. I had $500 to my name and for some reason a job was SO HARD TO GET. So here I am now, 20 years old, no job, limited money and no car. So much fun! Before I knew it, my two weeks was up and still no job. So out I was. No job, no car, limited money, no home.

Thankfully I kept in touch with a lot of my friends who I grew up with, they took me in. I got a job, I had to use their cars to get to work or had to hav them drop me off and pick me up. I worked and worked and worked and saved enough to get my own car. FINALLY and I bet my friends were glad too.

After continuously working my booty off, I got myself a car and right when I was able to go get the rest of my stuff from up north, I got a call at 4 am January 7th, 2014 saying that there was a fire on my street. It was our house. It burnt to a pile of ashes, literally. The fun never ends. I went up north, helped go through all of our belongings, luckily everyone was OKAY but I had lost everything I have ever had. I came back home to OC and went on with my life. I got a new job in Anaheim which was a huge new job for me, it was a great opportunity in marketing. I went out one night with some new co-workers, had WAY too much to drink (4 times over the legal limit to be exact) and a drug slipped into a drink of mine and ended up in the hospital. On and off for two months I was in there. Literally dying. Bleeding internally, I had a severe case of Gastritis, which basically means I had no stomach lining because of how much I drank and a drug in my system which was a lot for me, I am 5’3 and weighed 116 at the time. I got sick a lot after that and was always fainting which kept me from working, so I lost that job.

Our house, 2014.

Our house, 2014.

One of many hospital visits, 2015

One of many hospital visits, 2015

I got better, after a really long time. I had to spend 6-9 months on a baby food diet. This is also the reason why I don’t drink anymore and why my stomach is so sensitive. But this is a whole different story that you can talk to me about personally. ANYWAYS, back to the main story. I got a new job which eventually transferred me to San Diego (where my boyfriend lived/lives) I got fired from that one after a month because my boss disagreed with me, which was okay. I highly disliked him. My boyfriend had to take me in, because I was in a new place once again and no where to go and again limited money. After I think about…2 months without a job I FINALLY got one working for the yacht company you guys have heard me mention so many times.

I actually loved this job, it was the first real job I’ve held longer than a year and actually enjoyed. During this time, I decided to start Roses, just for fun, to make some side money and to have as a hobby. Because at this point in my life, I was scared to ever spend any money because of my past experiences. I always felt like something bad was going to happen. But Roses, took off. More than I ever imagined because it was just for fun for me. I stuck with the yacht company though, because I used the paycheck from them to fuel my business. I worked Tuesday-Saturday for them and came home every day and worked on my business. Even on weekends. It was non-stop. But I loved it and it was woking. Just about two months ago, the yacht company closed their San Diego office and I had two choices, go get a part time job…or make that the last job I’ll ever have and I bet you can guess which decision I made!

Today Roses N Rosé is held in over 40 stores and across almost 15 different states. It still isn’t the biggest brand in the world and that’s okay for me. I started this. All on my own, my idea, my work, my marketing, everything. My brand is me and for that, I am proud.

So..if you’re wondering why the title of this blog might seem like it doesn’t make much sense. I don’t really know either, but for me it made sense, so I am going to stick with it. But the point of my story is not to settle, not to give up and to keep going. Find what you like, what will make you happy, follow through with it and to always just go for it. What other people are doing with their life has never mattered to me. What you do and how you live, is up to you! As many times as there are where things seem discouraging or like you’re SOOOO over it, just remember that, that is a small part of a huge chapter which could form the rest of your life!