5 ROSEWATER HACKS- Guest Blog by The Brunettes Diary


Hey TBD & RNR Babes,

My name is Bri for those who don't know me & I'm the founder of the blog, The Brunettes Diary and the boutique, Simple & Feminine.

I'm started blogging almost 5 years ago because I'm a product junkie & I love helping women when it comes to beauty and fashion. Overtime, my ride or die list of beauty products grew & grew which lead me to opening my boutique, Simple & Feminine, where all of you babes can shop my favorite brands.

I've been using Roses N Rose's Rosewater Facial Mist for over a year now and I'm so in love! I even sell their products in my boutique, my customers are equally as obsessed.

Okay, enough about me; let's talk rosewater.

Don't ya love a good beauty hack? Today I'm sharing allll of the secret hacks when it comes to the holy grail beauty product; Rosewater.

Rosewater spray is filled with so many benefits. I love a beauty product that gets multiple things done at once, ya know?




+ It's loaded with a shit ton of antioxidants which help balance your skin's pH balance

+Perfect for people with oily skin (like, me)

+Antibacterial properties help with scars and cuts

+Works as an amazing toner!

+Perfect for puffiness & tired eyes because of the inflammatory properties

+It's cooling properties help with sunburns

+Keeps skin refreshed and hydrated

Okay, so now you see why I'm obsessed. Rosewater has so many benefits that you can't beat!

Now, let's get to the good stuff!




+ Put in fridge to cool product + use when tired as a 'pick me up' (or when hungover)

+Use a natural makeup setting spray

+Spray a little bit on your makeup brush & use before applying highlighter, you're welcome

+Set your translucent powder by spraying on your beauty blender prior to application

+Spray on your pillow for the ultimate beauty sleep

+Give a little spritz on your brush & comb through hair

+Toss in your purse and use as a body spray

+Perfect for sunburns (my bf low key loves it for this reason)

+Apply directly after foundation for the perfect dewy glow

Rosewater is one of those beauty staples that needs to be in every woman's makeup bag, purse or fridge (lol)

Do yourself a favor and grab one from SIMPLE AND FEMININE and use code: ROSE to get 10% OFF! - your skin will thank you.

Happy chatting with you babes,



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