SO, those of you who really know me, like those who I talk to regularly, probably know that for the past TWO years or so, I have been obsessed with New Orleans. Why? No idea, I just saw it somewhere and became obsessed. The more I read about it and watched documentaries and saw pictures I became even more obsessed. So this year, we FINALLY went and I loved it. I am not a travel blogger or even a blogger at all, but I feel like if you ever want to go there, there’s some things you should know and those are things from my own experience that weren’t like anything that anyone else told me about.

First of all, everyone told me that we only needed to go for 3-4 days and that would be enough. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. I’ve been obsessed with the place okay? I did my research and talked close to probably 50 people who have been there or lived there. Let me tell you, 3-4 days is NOT. ENOUGH. Don’t listen to these people. If all you care about is going to get shit faced on Bourbon Street, then yeah..that’s probably enough. If you care anything at all about history and culture, you need a good week.

Now for the blog post. Our first day there, we got to our hotel (below and by the way I wouldn’t stay there again but I’ll get back to that in a sec.) then we went and ate at this cute little French market and spent the rest of the day/evening walking around the French Quarter.

This was our hotel, it was called Chateau Hotel and it was super freaking cute. But like I said earlier, I wouldn’t stay there again. Nothing bad happened, but the place was built in 1806 and they said they like to see everything as original as possible. With that being said, the room was very small and there were no counters or anything in the bathroom or shelves even in the showers for our stuff. There was a stand up shower, stand alone sink and a toilet, which is fine, but I need some counter space for my stuff. I literally had to put the toilet seat down to use as a counter top to get ready. ANYWAYS.

Every day we were up early, 7am on the days we didn’t have tours and 6am on the days we did. We walked EVERYWHERE (total 28 miles over the 4 days we were there so bring comfy shoes.) Go down Royal Street because those buildings were gorgeous. Obviously you HAVE to go down Bourbon street, just for fun. Oh and in New Orleans, you can drink and have an open container 24/7 and 365 days a year, so that’s fun! Walking down Royal Street, there’s a lot of good food and this really cool hotel called Hotel Monteleone (below.)

This place is cool and supposed to be haunted, but we walked around and didn’t feel anything weird. BUT, there is this really col carousel bar in the downstairs area, and it actually moves too. Just not fast enough to really notice, but it’s still fun and you should go! We then took an Uber over to Magazine Street in the Garden District. If I ever owed a house in New Orleans, this is where it would be. This neighborhood/area is GORGEOUS. Also where JayZ and Beyonce had a home back in 2015 and yesss I got my stalker on and found it. Other than a lot of walking around, we went on some tours which I highly recommend. The people here are so knowledgeable on where they came from/live. We went to the Oak Alley Plantation which was used in numerous movies, like Forrest Gump, one of Beyonce’s music videos, The Patriot and a bunch of others. This place was gorgeous. You have to go, I think for the two of us total it was $96 and about a 4 hour long tour, including hotel pickup, drive time, etc. and then we also did a swamp tour. There are a LOT of different swamp tours there but the one we did was on an airboat. A little more expensive (I think it was $170 for us total) BUT SO WORTH IT. The airboat is so much fun and we saw some big gators. The last tour we did was a haunted history/ghost tour at night and this was $47 total. This one was fun, but honestly I can just tell you what places to go to and you can see for yourself. You don’t actually get to go inside any of the places, so you can walk around them and get the same experience and look up the story while you’re there. Oh, BUT we did go to the house where the lady from American Horror Story season 3 tortured the slaves. That was real and we went to the house where it happened. Also pretty sure I got a ghost in a photo but I’ll let you be the judge. (below)


Besides doing tours, as I said before we did a LOT of walking. There’s so much to see here and so much music and culture. You have to go down Frenchman Street, every place we went into had a live band/artist. Even just walking on the streets, there’s live music playing almost every 100 yards. FOOD. We ate at some really good places. We went to Acme Oyster House twice, you have to get the chargrilled oysters. Café Du Monde obviously. This place called BB King’s Bbq, they had good nachos. Umm..and I can’t remember the rest right now, but if you go you can ask me and I’ll help! As for the weather, we went during a really good time in early October. The weather was humid, but not enough to bother me, which was surprising. Everyone told us though that any other time of the year it’s terrible, so plan around that if you can! Oh and back also to what I was saying earlier, there was so many things that we didn’t get to do or see, because we ran out of time. There’s an amazing WWII Museum that we really wanted to go to, but didn’t get to :( BUT we did get to go to a cemetery which was so cool. You guys, their graves there are above ground because of the flooding that happens. We went, I took pics so don’t worry but also, we saw Marie LeVeau’s grave, who was the VooDoo Queen on New Orleans way back in the day (also a character on AHS season 3.)

I could go on and on about this place, but that would be a lot to read. So, my whole point is…you should go, because I have never been anywhere like it and it’s the most amazing place and if you need help planning anything or have questions, just send me a message.

Also, I have a lot more pics on my personal Instagram @chantteeee as posts and on my TRAVEL story Highlight!

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