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Ah, the sweet smell of summer - freshly cut grass, birds chirping, and food grilling. What more can you expect from the summer months? When summer rolls around, you are more than likely going to a barbeque or some kind of function - and the polite thing to do is always offer to bring something: whether that something is a drink / side / dessert / or savory dish, you should never arrive empty handed. 

My favorite summer dishes to bring to any function are sure to please any and all crowds and will not break the bank. Not only are they delicious, but super easy too! You don’t have to slave over a hot stove and you don’t need to go to WholePaycheck for fancy ingredients either. 

1) Summer Time Citrus Side Salad (I just made that up, but it’s literally an orange salad) 

This salad is SO easy and is one of my favorite things to make. My mom used to make this growing up and I remember always asking for it during the warmer months because it is so refreshing! 

All you would need are a few oranges (depending on the size of your crowd, it is easy to alter), a bunch of scallions, red wine vinegar, a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh parsley (dried is fine, too!), and garlic powder. 

Literally - just cut everything up into bite sized pieces, throw it in a bowl with the seasonings and the vinegar and oil, and done. So. Stinking. Simple. I love it served cold but you can eat this right away! 

2) Watermelon and Mint Salad

Another crowd pleasing salad - the contrast between the sweet watermelon and cool mint is sure to satisfy all taste buds. And it looks super sophisticated, too. 

Cube up some watermelon, a quarter of red onion, a handful of chopped fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and some crumbled feta cheese. Holy WOW. So easy but everyone will be fooled into thinking you went to a high-end restaurant and ordered this to bring! 

3) Tri Color Pasta Salad (For all my carblovers out there) 

This is one of the best dishes to bring because it has familiar ingredients that are never intimidating to most people, can be eaten cold or room temperature, and looks like you spent a lot of time making it. 

Get your favorite tri-color pasta (either ziti or a tortellini for extra flavor), cook according to the package directions. You can use your own vinaigrette if you want, or find your favorite dressing from the supermarket (just be careful of the sodium and extra ingredients!), sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, cubed provolone cheese, any type of cubed meat (or you can make it vegetarian!) - you can use cubed ham, cubed salami, cubed turkey - whatever! Adding some fresh herbs really takes this dish to the next level and if you are with a crowd who likes a little heat, add some crushed red pepper and whole pickled peppers for some extra crunch!

4) Corn, Cucumber, and Avocado Salad 

This salad has such a summery color pallet - there is something about the green and yellow that just make you feel so happy while preparing this. You can sub cooked corn for frozen corn to make this dish even easier to prepare. 

Grab a large bag of frozen corn, one and half whole English cucumbers (washed with skin on), and a large ripe avocado. Chop the cucumber and avocado in similar bite sized pieces, mix with the corn and add some dried dill, juice of one - one and half limes, salt and pepper to taste and done! No one will ever guess you made this right before you were leaving for the party!

5) Caprese Garlic Bread

Unfortunately, you may need an oven or toaster oven for this one - but fortunately, it is so FREAKING worth it. 

I prefer a nice Semolina / Italian style bread - something hearty; crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Whatever you do end up going for though, be sure it is FRESH. Stale bread will not work for this recipe. And if you do have stale bread, you can easily turn this recipe into a panzanella salad (basically a bread salad - who wouldn’t love a bread salad!?) 

Anyway, grab your bread and cut it down the center lengthwise - as if this is a giant hot dog roll, but better. Cut some slits in the center of the bread and rub fresh garlic into the bread. Toast this for just a few minutes until you can smell the garlic coming through and it smells like fresh bread baked in your kitchen. 

Take it out, careful to not burn yourself, and drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil and rub more garlic into the bread. At this point, i like to grate some garlic onto the bread itself too. 

Slice some fresh tomatoes - heirloom would be perfect here - and the freshest mozzarella you can find (whatever you can afford will be just perfect!). Assemble as if you were making a sandwich of just deliciousness, put it back into the toaster / oven for just a minute or two until the mozzarella is starting to melt, and then top it with either a balsamic glaze or just balsamic vinegar and fresh basil. 

This dish will accompany anything there and is perfect on its own. No main dish required.



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A Day In Simply Emily's Life: FOOD COMBINING Edition.


If you follow any health/wellness accounts on Instagram, you are bound to have heard of this new, popular, and trendy lifestyle called "food combining."

Basically, food combining is a style of eating that pairs food groups that work well together and food groups that do not work well together. Confused? I was too, until I followed Kenzie Burke, a health/fitness blogger, on Instagram.

Kenzie popularized this lifestyle by making it easy and attainable for people of all experiences and backgrounds. By creating easy-to-follow tips and tricks, Kenzie made food combining a realistic lifestyle for everybody.

She has 3 big tips.

1.) Breakfast. Kenzie stresses the importance of starting off your morning with a glass of hot water with lemon in it and eating fruits then. Fruits take 30 minutes to digest completely, so after 30 minutes you have your second breakfast. Typically, she has avocado toast or a smoothie she calls the "Tropical Bub" (see down below in my log for reference, I make it!)

2.) The basic groups that work and don't work. Vegetables and proteins work welltogether. Vegetables and starches work well together. Proteins and starches do not work well together. Food combining at its most basic level is following these food pairings.

3.) Don't give up dessert! Kenzie always finishes her night with dessert, mostly chocolate (see down below in my log for reference!)

So after reading up on what food combining was and the tips and tricks I could use to incorporate this lifestyle in my daily routine, I was curious and wanted to try. Follow along below on a day in my life, food combining style!


I woke up at 7 today because I have to leave for work at 8. 

When I got to the kitchen, I heated up some water and poured it into my favorite coffee mug, along with the juice of one lemon. This was definitely much different than my typical morning coffee but it really did make me feel good on the inside, as if my body was kicking into gear!

Along with the lemon water, I snacked on some organic blueberries (my FAVE fruit ever) and waited 30 minutes, just as Kenzie says to do, before my second breakfast: a "Tropical Bub" smoothie.

The Tropical Bub smoothie is on Kenzie's insta stories everyday, with her and tons of other people making it on the daily.

Tropical Bub Smoothie Recipe:

-Frozen Mango
-1 Banana
-Chunk of cucumber
-Spinach or lettuce
-Chunk of ginger
-1 date
-Coconut water
-Spirulina powder

Not gonna lie, the ginger scared me, but the smoothie tasted super good! I would recommend using frozen banana to make the smoothie more cold, but other than that, this breakfast kept me full until lunch!


I had to eat lunch at work today, so I packed it in order to make sure it worked with the guidelines of food combining,

For lunch I made quinoa (starch) with roasted zucchini, yellow squash and broccoli (vegetables) because starches and vegetables work well together. 

This lunch kept me feeling full, but a good full. I didn't feel bloated or yucky, I just felt satisfied.


Kenzie always posts about a recipe using chickpea pasta and vegetables, so I decided to try this out for dinner tonight!

The chickpea pasta I used was from the brand "Banza" and cooked just like normal pasta! I got the penne pasta.

I cooked the pasta and combined it with tomato sauce as well as the leftover vegetables from lunch. 

Overall, dinner was so delicious!! Typically, pasta makes me fell so bloated but I really did not feel any bloat after this dinner at all.



For dessert, I followed Kenzie's recommendation and went to Whole Foods and bought "Hu" chocolate: a healthy brand of chocolates. The chocolates come in so many different flavors, but I just had two squares of the simple dark chocolate!


It's funny, I have such a sweet tooth so typically I would not be able to stop at just two squares of chocolate, but after this day of food combining I was able to control myself because I felt so full and satisfied from my other meals!

So, would I recommend this lifestyle?

It honestly depends on the person.

I get a lot of uncomfortable bloating typically, so this lifestyle really helped me. One of the benefits is that food combining does not cause bloating, and I truly believe that is true. I never ever felt bloated all day, just satisfied!

What I like about food combining is that it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. So, instead of providing rigid rules, food combining is general guidelines that allow you to choose what you eat and pair your foods how you want to.

After day one of food combining, I can confidently say it won't be my last!

Emily Ball



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We’ve always heard about Beauty Sleep and tell people we need it. But did we ever know it was actually a real thing? Well surprise ladies, IT IS and we DO need it!


But why? Well, we are about to tell you!

Fewer Wrinkles. Skin makes new collagen when you sleep, which prevents sagging. More collagen means skin is plumper and less likely to wrinkle. Only getting 5 hours a night can lead to twice as many fine lines as sleeping 7 would. It also leaves skin drier, which can make lines more visible- no thank you!

A Glowing Complexion. ( which we all want) Your body boosts blood flow to the skin while you snooze, which means you wake to a healthy glow. Skimp on sleep and your complexion can look drab, ashen, or lifeless.

Brighter, Less Puffy Eyes. Chances are, you’ve had dark circles or bags under your eyes after a night of too few Zzz’s. Stay well-hydrated and elevate your head with an extra pillow at night, too. That can also help reduce swelling. WHO KNEW!

Healthier, Fuller Hair. Hair loss, breakage, damage, and even growth can all be affected by lack of sleep, Hair follicles (where hair growth begins) gain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from blood flow. Since blood flow decreases when we’re short on shut-eye

Happier, Healthier Appearance. Being short on sleep can cause the corners of your mouth to droop, making you look sadder than you do after a good night’s rest. Red, swollen eyes, dark circles, sagging eyelids, and paler skin can also signal to others that you’re exhausted. People who don't get enough rest are also seen as less healthy than when they’re rested.

Products Work Better. Your skin can focus on repairing itself while you sleep, since it isn’t defending itself from sun and free radicals (harmful molecules from the environment). Blood flow is also more consistent, and this helps your skin benefit from the flesh-repairing ingredients in your beauty products. Skin also loses more water when you sleep than it does during the day. Apply a creamier moisturizer before bed and drink plenty of water during the day to help your complexion stay hydrated overnight.


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Okay, let’s be real. One thing we know isn’t going away anytime soon is that dewy glow look we are seeing on some of our favorite celebs and bloggers all over Instagram. The real question on everyone’s mind is how do I get this look? Well I am here to help – here is my guide for dewy skin ready to take on summer 2019.


Step 1: EXFOLIATE! I know you’ve heard this a million times, but you can’t achieve your glowy look with dry skin. The problem with not exfoliating is that you basically leave an unwanted layer of dead skin on your body which will make you look ashy. I have tried a lot of body scrubs- sugar, salt but a coffee-based scrub works best for me. 



Step 2: (Optional) A good tan! I am strongly opposed to putting my skin through the horror of sitting in the sun any more BUT I do love the feeling a tan makes me feel! I get a spray tan just about every other week now. I used to use a home self-tanner but ever since I started going to a professional, I haven’t looked back!


Step 3: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It’s so important after you exfoliate to keep your skin as hydrated as possible to create a good base layer for your glow step! 


Step 4: GLOW TIME! There are a few products I like to use to get that glowy look. When it comes to my body I always use my Roses and Rose Shimmering Body Oil! For my face we have to talk about a few different products. Like your body its super important to have a good base layer of moisturization to be sure you don’t look dry. Right now, I am LOVING my Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. With my foundation I always mix in some Tarte Marula Oil. LET ME TELL YOU – this is a game changer. Top that off with your favorite highlighter and you are ready to take on the day!





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Let’s be real, when researching what to do on your next trip, you’re probably looking up the best places to grab a bite to eat and the coolest places to stay, but you’re also stalking your favorite influencers instagrams to see where the cutest spot to get a good insta is. The thing is, trying to find insta-worthy locations in the city you’re visiting can take forever, scrolling through dozens of images and trying to figure out where that one specific cute swing chair or pink wall is in all of the city. So to make things a little easier for all you San Diego babes who live here or are visiting, I’ve gone ahead and compiled something that every travel guide should include, a list of the most insta-worthy spots in the city!


Communal Coffee, North Park– One of my favorite spots to get cute coffee/flower snaps, Communal Coffee has a lovely interior, their iconic “Coffee & Flowers” mural outside, and a flower shop inside to boot! Their South Park location is also super cute and the coffee is actually served from an adorable retro trailer that makes for a great photo op!

Better Buzz, Pacific Beach & Hillcrest-With so many cute locations you could really take endless photos at the Better Buzz’s of San Diego. My favorites to get a photo however are the larger Garnet St location and their newest (enormous) location in Hillcrest! With a super on trend black and white theme and lots of cool tile, plant walls and hanging Edison bulbs, Better Buzz is a haven for good instas and you have to visit at least one location while you’re in San Diego!

Holy Matcha, North Park & East Village– Decked out in all shades of pink and palm print, Holy Matcha in North Park is basically made for instagram snaps, you can really get a good shot in every inch of the place! And their brand new East Village location is like walking into a pink dream, with all pink walls, seating and tables and hanging flower installations, you’re sure to get a dreamy shot here. Not to mention that their drinks and bites are just as beautiful as their space!

Pigment, North Park, Liberty Station & Carmel Valley- If you’re looking for a wonderland of cute home decor, jewelry, accessories, plants, kitchen goodies and gifts this is the place to go. You know how when you find a cute boutique you really only love some of the things they carry and don’t care for the rest? Well Pigment is like a whole store filled with only the really good, cute stuff. Everything in this store is so cute and makes for adorable photo ops with their boho couches, swing chairs, plant walls and adorable window displays, you’re definitely going to get a few cute snaps here!

Cafe Gratitude, Little Italy– If you’re looking for a cute boho spot to snap some pics, this is the place for you! With a beautiful interior filled with boho basket lamps, marble counters and fun floor tile, you’re bound to get a cute photo here whether it be of you or your meal!

Copa Vida, East Village & Sorrento Valley– They have a few locations in San Diego (my favorite for photos are the J st and the Sorrento Valley locations) and they all have a sleek, majorly aesthetically pleasing design. I’ve shot many outfit pics here!

Pendry Hotel, Gaslamp– The Pendry hotel is a modern yet warm and inviting hotel with endless shoot spots! Whether you’re staying here or just popping into one of their restaurants for lunch, you’ll find so many different areas to get a good insta snap.

Parakeet Cafe, La Jolla, Little Italy & Carmel Valley– With three locations that are equally adorable and coffee and treats that are super yummy, you have to head to the Parakeet Cafe for a cup of coffee and a fun snap against their tropical walls or neons signs.


Little Italy– I’ve found that some of my best photos have been shot in Little Italy because there are just so many cool spots, buildings, and restaurants to shoot there. Some of my favorite outdoor spots to shoot in Little Italy are in front of La Pensione Hotel, in front of or in Born & Raised Restaurant, Cloak & Petal, & Ironside.

Balboa Park– Balboa park is filled with so much beautiful, architecture, gardens, ponds, water fountains, and so much more that you’re bound to get some beautiful shots here! I would definitely recommend planning what type of photos you want to get here ahead of time and plan which part of the park to shoot at accordingly (Its a massive park so you don’t want to accidentally park on the wrong end).

La Valenica Hotel, La Jolla- Located in beautiful La Jolla and filled with so many hidden stairways and look out points, you can definitely get some lovely photos here!
La Jolla– La Jolla in general has some great shoot spots but my favorites are the La Jolla Cove or Windansea Beach and the La Plaza La Jolla center (where blush tan is located). I also love exploring the neighborhoods here and finding beautiful hidden spots to take photos (head up Mt Soledad at Hidden Valley Rd to find the two secret bridges, they make for great photo ops



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Best Date Night Restaurants in San Diego! - Guest blog post by Lindsey Carlene

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There is a plethora of phenomenal places to grab a bite in San Diego but Yelp can be overwhelming and mixed reviews can sometimes point you in the wrong direction. When I first moved to San Diego, finding my favorite dinner restaurants involved a lot of trial and error. I’m not a picky eater but the restaurants I love an adore are full of flavor from the details in the decor to the decadent dishes and presentation. I’ve explored San Diego high and low and after three and a half years of expanding my roots in America’s Finest City, I thought it was only right to share my findings with you. Below are not only some of my favorite restaurants in San Diego but my favorite restaurants EVER!

ENJOY! & if you happen put any of my recommendations to the test and give them a try for yourselves, please comment below about your experience! I’d love to hear what you think. OR if you have any recommendations for me, PUH-LEASE don’t hold back!

PS- THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED BY ANY RESTAURANTS LISTED! The purpose of this post is simply to share incredible eateries.

  1. Et Voila

    Et voila is James and my go-to date night restaurant. This hidden North Park gem is known for their incredible service, cocktails, and French AF atmosphere and cuisine. Our MUST TRY dish is hands-down the Mushroom Ravioli. For my meal, I’ll typically go for the Scallops or mussels while James drools over his lamb tenderloin.

  2. Herb and Wood

    I’ve been coming back to Herb and Wood religiously since I’ve tried it for the first time four months ago. Not only is the aesthetic breathtakingly beautiful but the dishes are e v e n b e t t e r. So much effort is put into every dish, every cocktail, and every dessert. I recently tried the scallops (can you tell I like scallops?) and couldn’t even talk until I finished every last bite- I was THAT consumed in the dish. If you know me, you know I’m hardly ever at a loss of words but this place has left me speechless time and time again. My MUST TRY dish is the steak tartar and the Gnocci!

  3. Born and Raised

    I can’t recommend this place enough! Because it’s on the pricier side, this is definitely a special occasion restaurant for James and I. We just recently celebrated our two year anniversary at this Gatsby-esque restaurant. I could go on and on about how the atmosphere sucks you in immediately from their mobile cooking stations to the open kitchen and stunning bar but let’s get to the important stuff- the food. We read countless reviews DEMANDING that we try the bread with Normandy style butter and thank GOD we did because it was delicious! Our MUST HAVE item at Born & Raised is the escargot! ESPECIALLY for the person who has never tried snails before. The dish is the most decadent appetizer I’ve EVER had in my life.

  4. Lionfish

    OK SO. I actually had the pleasure of being wined and dined by the Lionfish staff as an influencer and I just about cried of excitement when I received the offer e-mail. I had been wanting to try this place since they opened and it was finally my time to shine! This place goes above and beyond with their cocktails and presentation. Each of their dishes has a slight touch of Spanish/Mediterranean vibes and spice. I, of course, got the scallops. I mean… DUH! I FUCKING LOVE SCALLOPS- but you already know that. If you don’t… you must not have read the first couple paragraphs of this post? Anyways, I was impressed by EVERY single thing I tried but my two MUSTS are the “Rice, Paper, Scissors” cocktail and their Lobster Carpaccio (which btw is the BEST carpaccio I’ve had in my life which says a lot because I’ve had a lot of carpaccio in my day)!

  5. Cucina Urbana

    Holy HOT HELL. James brought me to Cucina Urbana the first time for my 24th birthday last year. I don’t even know where to start, ya’ll. From the aesthetic of the restaurant to the delicate details that decorate each dish, these peeps know how important presentation is and it SHOWS. While our parppardelle pasta was full of flavor and deliciousness, I must say- the octopus appetizer was extremely impressive and therefore, it is my MUST TRY dish!

  6. Vivace

    Not many people know of this fine-dining gem that sits inside of the Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad but I figured I’d let you in on this secret, delicious spot. James and I are OBSESSED! For the past two years, we’ve driven up to stay the night at this luxurious hotel primarily because of Vivace. The waiting staff is incredible. I mean… if you drop your napkin, they are there to pick it up for you before you can even consider picking it back up. The entire dining experience at Vivace is GRAND! We have yet to try anything we don’t LOVE at this extravagant restaurant but our ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY dish is HANDS DOWN the lobster risotto. Risotto can easily become too rich for my liking but Vivace’s is always prepared perfectly. I made the mistake of giving James a bite and he ended up eating half of it! I couldn’t blame him though because I’d have done the same if he had ordered it. Another great dish is the tartare which only has one negative- once it’s gone, you wish you had more!

  7. Din Tai Fung

    If you’re looking for a 5 star meal unlike any other Taiwanese meal you’ve ever experienced, you go to Din Tai Fung, aka the new restaurant in San Diego that had a month long wait list BEFORE THEY EVEN OPENED. Starting January 2019, Din Tai Fung will be open for walk-ins instead of maintaining the reservation-only system they currently have in place. DTF boasts 4 Michelin Stars and the best ribs you’ll ever try in your life… you can quote me on that. The ribs and soup dumplings are our MUST TRY dishes.

BUT WAIT… there’s more.

7. Costerra - for a scrumptious view of San Diego Bay and delicious food.

8. The Lion’s Share - for BOMB ass cocktails and weird but A M A Z I N G dishes. For example- James and I are obsessed with the antelope sliders. Yes, ANTELOPE (?!)

9. Buona Forchetta - Italian cuisine and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in Italy! The pizza is to DIE.

10. Provisional Kitchen - for incredible meaty dishes and a very elegant atmosphere.

I hope you all get the chance to try these fabulous restaurants- you will NOT be disappointed! Please come back to my website and leave a comment on this post if you take me up on any of my recommendations and love your meals and experiences! If you have a great San Diego restaurant recommendation, leave it in a comment and I’ll be sure to try it out and get back to you with my opinion and experience details. As always, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Are there any other lists you’d like me to make for San Diego recommendations? Let me know!

xx, Linds

10 Simply Classic Beauty Products You Must Have When Traveling- GUEST BLOG BY @SIMPLYCLASSICEVENTS

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The ladies at Simply Classic Events are always on the go, especially our baddest babe & leader, Shelby. *Side note: She's attending Hustle & Flow workshop in Seattle next week and will be speaking at the Alumni Workshop in NYC in April (!) so grab your tickets or email us about a setting up a meeting if you live in the PNW or NYC and want the Simply Classic Squad to plan your wedding or vacation ,or , like to just grab a good glass of rosé!


Anyways, traveling is rough on your skin, and body but thats for a whole other post... soo we've done the leg work and found the best products that kill those jet lag feels, under-eye bags and dry skin from flying. All the products mentioned are TSA friendly, too, so no chance of losing them or using all your suitcase room to bring them with you.


1. Roses N Rosé Face Mist


You have to know by now that we're obsessed with the Roses & Rosé brand, so this shouldn't come as a shock that their Rose Face Mist (available in normal and travel size) is our go-to refreshing and soothing face mist. In addition to the rosewater-which balances & prepares the skin for moisturizers and serums, this spray contains Vitamin E Oil & Geranium Oil, which are both super hydrating. I like to spray this before landing to give myself a dewy, hydrated, I-didn't-just-fly-for-3-hours, appearance. It's also 8 fucking dollars. 



2. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask 

We prayed to the gods and Summer Fridays answered in the form of this all-in-one mask, which is also paraben & sulfate free, cruelty free, vegan, & made in the USA without any synthetic dyes or fragrances, among other things. This mask-also travel size- is super hydrating & nourishing to provide radiant, dewy, moisturized skin. It's full of all-star ingredients like vitamin C, chestnut extract and niacinamide. These ingredients reduce pores, uneven skin and fine lines, brighten, and exfoliate. It also included cucumber, which will help to soothe any redness or irritated skin. 



3. Peter Thomas Roth Eye Patches

I've been in love with Peter Thomas Roth since high school, but these eye patches have been my best friends since having to *adult*. They have 3 different types, so whatever under-eye struggles you have there's one formulated for your specific concern. My favorite are the 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Patches because even though I'm 23 I'm getting wrinkles (rude) and need some preventative aging. However, for flights the Water Drench Hylaronic Cloud Patches are incredible. Hyaluronic acid binds to water and can even pull it out of the air, keeping your skin hydrated AF, which is super useful for those drying flights. HA also is good for ALL skin types, so these are good for sensitive skin, as HA naturally reduces redness and irritation. The Cucumber De-Tox Patches are good for puffiness & dark circles so pack these if you're taking a redeye.    



4. Jade Roller

We love our acids and fillers but even I know that Western medicine has nothing on it's eastern counterpart. Jade rolling increases circulation to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. However, they are the most popular for their ability to de-puff by massaging and stimulating lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is comprised of tissues and organs right under your skin that helps flush toxins and other waste from the body. While most rollers are made from jade, different stones are meant to provide different benefits: jade is good for contouring and lifting, rose quartz is good for inflammation and sensitive skin, amethyst is good for acne, angry skin and stress. So while jade is the most popular, choose which one works best for your skin.  



5. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

This mask is perfect for travel because it helps with dry, dull skin. This mask uses rice germ oil, which is high in vitamin E and fatty acids, nourishes your tired skin Green tea and algae are other key ingredients and are known in Japan for their beautifying effects. This mask is extra full of serum, too, so even if you fall asleep it won't dry up. It's non-comedogenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, cruelty free and dermatologist tested, making it the perfect sheet mask for anyone and everyone.    



6. Osea Ocean Cleanser

Cleansing is somehow always forgotten about while traveling-maybe due to lack of a proper sink-but it's even more important to remember when you're in a plane breathing recycled air and sitting practically on top of your neighbor. This gel cleanser is not drying or stripping and uses lactic acid to shrink pores, seaweed to hydrate, and invigorating essential oils like lime, jasmine and cypress.     



7. Bloom Full Spectrum Cbd Nourishing Facial Oil 

CBD is the non-psychoactive weed strain that helps reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety and more without the high.Topical CBD can be rubbed on sore or painful spots (tennis elbow, achy feet, etc.) and helps with acne, psoriasis and eczema because of its anti-inflammatory effects. It can also help reduce the visible signs of aging by fighting free-radical damage. The Bloom facial oil has NO PALM OIL (bad for the environment if unethically sources and used in almost every skincare product), and has no synthetic dyes, fragrances, sulfates, parabens and preservatives. It nourishes dry skin, reduces puffiness from traveling (drinking, eating out, etc.) and gives my skin a boost whenever it's looking tired or dull.  



8. QYK Sonic Zoe  

After our QYK Sonic Launch Party in 2018 we've been on board with Zoe. They are electric handheld facial massagers that exfoliate, help products absorb better and helps clean skin. They come with their own little traveling pouch, fit in the palm of your hand, and last 300 uses on a single charge making them the perfect traveling companion. Made of silicone they are antimicrobial and don't ever require replacement brush heads. I like using mine to improve circulation and get my blood moving and skin glowing on long flights and sleepless nights in hotel rooms. 



9. Sephora Hand Mask 

I'm the most paranoid about my hands: I always put sunscreen on and apply the same skin products on the backs of my hands as I do my face. I've also been using Sephora's hand masks since I was in high school. I use the aloe vera gloves when my hands feel dry, the argan mask when the skin is looking uneven or wrinkled and the avocado hand mask when I need serious nourishment. Each mask comes inside a pair of non-drip gloves. These are the perfect items to keep your skin and nails hydrates and pristine. 



10. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This is a super intense chapstick meant to be applied before bed to hydrate and provide nutrients while your body repairs itself while you sleep. It contain large amounts of antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, gogi,and other berries which help reduce flaky, dry lips. It also comes with an applicator to keep germs out of the mask and off your lips. 





With these 10 beauty pros on deck your skin should be dewy fresh upon arrival and have nothing but a perfect glow.


Try our tricks and let us know your fav!!




Shelby & Lauren 


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SO, those of you who really know me, like those who I talk to regularly, probably know that for the past TWO years or so, I have been obsessed with New Orleans. Why? No idea, I just saw it somewhere and became obsessed. The more I read about it and watched documentaries and saw pictures I became even more obsessed. So this year, we FINALLY went and I loved it. I am not a travel blogger or even a blogger at all, but I feel like if you ever want to go there, there’s some things you should know and those are things from my own experience that weren’t like anything that anyone else told me about.

First of all, everyone told me that we only needed to go for 3-4 days and that would be enough. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. I’ve been obsessed with the place okay? I did my research and talked close to probably 50 people who have been there or lived there. Let me tell you, 3-4 days is NOT. ENOUGH. Don’t listen to these people. If all you care about is going to get shit faced on Bourbon Street, then yeah..that’s probably enough. If you care anything at all about history and culture, you need a good week.

Now for the blog post. Our first day there, we got to our hotel (below and by the way I wouldn’t stay there again but I’ll get back to that in a sec.) then we went and ate at this cute little French market and spent the rest of the day/evening walking around the French Quarter.

This was our hotel, it was called Chateau Hotel and it was super freaking cute. But like I said earlier, I wouldn’t stay there again. Nothing bad happened, but the place was built in 1806 and they said they like to see everything as original as possible. With that being said, the room was very small and there were no counters or anything in the bathroom or shelves even in the showers for our stuff. There was a stand up shower, stand alone sink and a toilet, which is fine, but I need some counter space for my stuff. I literally had to put the toilet seat down to use as a counter top to get ready. ANYWAYS.

Every day we were up early, 7am on the days we didn’t have tours and 6am on the days we did. We walked EVERYWHERE (total 28 miles over the 4 days we were there so bring comfy shoes.) Go down Royal Street because those buildings were gorgeous. Obviously you HAVE to go down Bourbon street, just for fun. Oh and in New Orleans, you can drink and have an open container 24/7 and 365 days a year, so that’s fun! Walking down Royal Street, there’s a lot of good food and this really cool hotel called Hotel Monteleone (below.)

This place is cool and supposed to be haunted, but we walked around and didn’t feel anything weird. BUT, there is this really col carousel bar in the downstairs area, and it actually moves too. Just not fast enough to really notice, but it’s still fun and you should go! We then took an Uber over to Magazine Street in the Garden District. If I ever owed a house in New Orleans, this is where it would be. This neighborhood/area is GORGEOUS. Also where JayZ and Beyonce had a home back in 2015 and yesss I got my stalker on and found it. Other than a lot of walking around, we went on some tours which I highly recommend. The people here are so knowledgeable on where they came from/live. We went to the Oak Alley Plantation which was used in numerous movies, like Forrest Gump, one of Beyonce’s music videos, The Patriot and a bunch of others. This place was gorgeous. You have to go, I think for the two of us total it was $96 and about a 4 hour long tour, including hotel pickup, drive time, etc. and then we also did a swamp tour. There are a LOT of different swamp tours there but the one we did was on an airboat. A little more expensive (I think it was $170 for us total) BUT SO WORTH IT. The airboat is so much fun and we saw some big gators. The last tour we did was a haunted history/ghost tour at night and this was $47 total. This one was fun, but honestly I can just tell you what places to go to and you can see for yourself. You don’t actually get to go inside any of the places, so you can walk around them and get the same experience and look up the story while you’re there. Oh, BUT we did go to the house where the lady from American Horror Story season 3 tortured the slaves. That was real and we went to the house where it happened. Also pretty sure I got a ghost in a photo but I’ll let you be the judge. (below)


Besides doing tours, as I said before we did a LOT of walking. There’s so much to see here and so much music and culture. You have to go down Frenchman Street, every place we went into had a live band/artist. Even just walking on the streets, there’s live music playing almost every 100 yards. FOOD. We ate at some really good places. We went to Acme Oyster House twice, you have to get the chargrilled oysters. Café Du Monde obviously. This place called BB King’s Bbq, they had good nachos. Umm..and I can’t remember the rest right now, but if you go you can ask me and I’ll help! As for the weather, we went during a really good time in early October. The weather was humid, but not enough to bother me, which was surprising. Everyone told us though that any other time of the year it’s terrible, so plan around that if you can! Oh and back also to what I was saying earlier, there was so many things that we didn’t get to do or see, because we ran out of time. There’s an amazing WWII Museum that we really wanted to go to, but didn’t get to :( BUT we did get to go to a cemetery which was so cool. You guys, their graves there are above ground because of the flooding that happens. We went, I took pics so don’t worry but also, we saw Marie LeVeau’s grave, who was the VooDoo Queen on New Orleans way back in the day (also a character on AHS season 3.)

I could go on and on about this place, but that would be a lot to read. So, my whole point is…you should go, because I have never been anywhere like it and it’s the most amazing place and if you need help planning anything or have questions, just send me a message.

Also, I have a lot more pics on my personal Instagram @chantteeee as posts and on my TRAVEL story Highlight!

LIFE HACK: NO RAZOR BUMPS Guest Blog by Saje Cox

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Being in gym shorts, leggings, bikinis, or lingerie for photoshoots constantly- smooth legs are a must. I wish I could say I’m one of those girls with fine blonde hair that you can’t see, but that just isn’t my reality. My hair is coarse, black, and grows faster than South Alabama grass (which is really fast). Having to shave almost daily, I’ve perfected my shaving routine so that I NEVER get razor bumps.

  1. It all starts with a good razor. I swear by this subscription service that sends me a pack of 4 blades every month for only $9. I change the blades weekly so that I never shave with a dull blade.
  2. Prepping your skin is the most important step of my shave routine. I use this coffee scrub before I shave my legs, bikini area, or underarms. (Use the code SAJE20 and you’ll save 20% on your order.) 
  3. I don’t spend money on expensive shaving creams, I swear by this conditioner instead. Make sure you wash your blade off in between strokes because it will build up if not.
  4. After shaving your lady bits and what not, put deodorant (I use this one ) on your bikini area. It’ll prevent razor bumps, keep your skin smooth, and actually prevents my hair from growing back as quickly.
  5. Once you’ve done all of the above, put this heavenly butter all over. WARNING: Your dogs will want to lick it all off. 
  6. If you need to add a little extra color, use this bronzing elixir . (Skip the butter if you plan on applying the bronzer.) I use this on my legs and arms when I need a gorgeous glow. You can read here how I incorporate it into my makeup looks as well.

Bonus Hack: I’ve got thick thighs that rub together so bad they could probably start a fire. Chafing is the WORST so you know I’ve got you covered. Grab this and keep it in your purse. I put it on anytime my thighs aren’t covered and it keeps me from getting the oh-so-annoying heat rash. You’re welcome. 

Happy Shaving.